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Chef Shantai has a premium meal prep and delivery service offering fresh, never frozen meals straight to your door. We strive to help individuals achieve a healthy lifestyle regardless of their schedule, cooking skills, or budget. Give us a call to see how our program works! (818) 860-1095

Vegan Orange Chick'n

with Black Rice

We understand it is often hard to maintain a balanced, wholesome diet in today’s busy lifestyle and fast-paced schedules. Chef Shantai is here to make your life much easier. Skip all the food preparation, grocery shopping, calories counting, portion weighting and cleaning.

Our mission is to serve delicious and freshly prepared meals that are well-balanced in terms of protein, complex carbs and essential fat portions.

People with different goals will choose Chef Shantai – including weight loss, weight maintenance, diet restrictions, special nutrition for athletes or simply healthy eating. Whatever motivates you, we can help! 

Meal Prep

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Spaghetti Meat Sauce

over Zucchini Noodles

3 Bean Chili

Coconut Curry Roasted Vegetables

& Black Rice 

Grilled Salmon Bruschetta