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To Contact Chef Shantai for Private Dining, Meal Delivery, Meal Prep, Special Events and Catering or General Questions:

PHONE: (818) 860-1095

​​You've worked all day. You're tired. All you want to do is put your feet up for a few minutes and relax. But you've still got to make dinner. You could incur rush hour traffic to go to the grocery store, order takeout for the millionth time, or, you can call Chef Shantai.

Treat yourself to the ultimate dining experience where Chef Shantai is dedicated to providing you with exquisite multi-course nutritious and delicious meals prepared right in your very own kitchen or delivered directly to your door!  Chef Shantai, inc. is the personal chef service that caters to you. I will work with you to learn your personal tastes, your likes and dislikes and any special dietary needs. I'll prepare entrées, side dishes and desserts based on your preferences, and they'll be waiting for you each night after your hard day at work.