It has been said that the Romans dedicated celery to Pluto, their 'God of Sex'. Famed Italian lover Casanova made sure to include lots of celery in his diet to keep up his stamina. Its stimulating effects are well known in Sweden where the famous Swedish author Hagdahl described celery as 'straight forward arousing'.

The origins of celery’s reputation as an aphrodisiac are obvious. But celery holds many aphrodisiac powers beyond its phallic form. Packed with energizing nutrients, celery stimulates the pituitary gland – a primary gland in the release of sexual hormones.

In addition, celery is very important food for improving your sexual health. It is one of the few foods that will help men attract women! It's true guys, eating celery before a night of lustful pursuits could have the woman curiously attracted to you without even realizing why. The secret is that celery contains an arousing male hormone called Androsterone. This is a potent hormone which attracts women via the scent it gives off. It's secreted through men's sweat glands and has more pheromone benefits than any spray you can find on the market today. Your partner may not actually smell it on you, but because androsterone is thought to attract females, don't be surprised if she snuggles up real close. Although modern science has yet to reach a conclusion on the potency of raw versus cooked, raw celery root has been used for centuries as a cure for impotence.

Even if you don't get lucky, keep in mind that you're eating a low-calorie, fiber-rich food that helps clean your teeth and freshen your breath. Not a bad deal either way.

All parts of the celery has aphrodisiac benefits, but the most potent effects will be found from eating celery seed. You can use celery seed in a number of foods, even as a substitute for salt. It can be found at about any grocery store or online and will keep for up to three years. You can safely stock up and serve it at every opportunity! Celery Seed Cucumber Salad is a light, refreshing food for hot summer meals.