Garden of Eating!

Ah, the apple, the temptation of Eve - the downfall in the Garden of Eden. But then, what pretty girl could ever pass up a shiny, lipstick red, orchard-fresh fruit of the gods?

The ancient Greeks also loved the apple. Instead of slipping a ring onto a fair maiden's finger, a Greek warrior was supposed to toss an apple to the - ah - apple of his eye. If she caught the fruit, the act was as good as an engagement.

The flavor of most apples is almost that of the most delicious, juicy candy.  But don't let this fool you, apples are superfoods wrapped in a delicate skin. High in antioxidants, their free radical -fighting power boosts natural anti-aging abilities while helping to fight cancer.

And although apples deliver a bit of sweetness, their high pectin content keeps a sugar rush at hand, preventing the hyper high and depressing crash experienced from eating less healthy sweets. Instead, their even energy distribution is a divine source of sustenance for a few hours of horizontal apple picking.

From the beginning apples have been associated with love, beauty, luck, health, comfort, pleasure, wisdom, temptation, sensuality, sexuality, virility and fertility.