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The Summer Art Academy Hot Lunch Program

Session 2: July 20 - August 16, 2015

Thank you for choosing Chef Shantai for your child's lunch this summer. Lunch is $6/day. Each day there is a standard lunch offered and vegetarian lunch offered. Each lunch comes with Fruit or Vegetables and the Hot buttered noodles comes with Marinara sauce on the side. 

***Please leave your child's name and camp group in the "note to seller" when checking out to assure the proper child receives the lunch you paid for. You can purchase lunch for the entire session below. (Note: if you decide to purchase daily and you want lunch for both Mondays July 20 and 27 don't forget to select 2 lunches unless you come back and buy lunch the next week)

All orders must be placed by 6pm the day before. Thank you.


Week 3 & 4
Standard: Turkey Burger or Vegetarian: Hot Buttered Noodles
Price: $6.00
Standard: Macaroni & Cheese or Vegetarian: Hot Buttered Noodles
Price: $6.00
Standard: Veggie, Rice & Black Bean Bowl (Chicken optional) or Vegetarian: Hot Buttered Noodles
Price: $6.00
Standard: Teriyaki Chicken & Veggie Stir-Fry or Vegetarian: Hot Buttered Noodles
Price: $6.00
Standard: Nachos or Vegetarian: Hot Buttered Noodles
Price: $6.00


I am constantly collecting your feedback, through every avenue I can think of. Whether it’s online, a chef’s visit to a school, or a phone call, I am always listening to your kids’ ideas.
When I work out a wholesome lunch recipe, your kids' ideas are taken into consideration. I have spoken with kids from all over, in a range of ages (some are just learning to spell “apple,” some prefer to send me their tasting notes through text message, even though we are sitting at the same table!)
We eat, talk, and discuss what makes a dish good and what could make it great. Anytime you see a new item on the lunch menu, I have had a kid tasting (probably multiple!) and the kids have approved!
Allergies and Sensitivities
Chef Shantai knows the challenges parents face when selecting foods for their children, especially for children who are sensitive or allergic to certain ingredients. I am committed to being an entirely peanut and tree nut free lunch organization that also offers lunches free of many other common allergens.*

*While I use my best efforts to avoid allergen contamination I cannot guarantee that all my products will be 100% free from allergens and we do not provide warranties with regard to safety or purity. If you have specific questions regarding these protocols or a specific ingredient, please email me at