Chef Shantai - Eat To Live, Cook To Love!
About Chef Shantai

Chef Shantai calls herself a true “foodie” as she began creating culinary masterpieces at the early age of 5 when giving her first cook book: Better Homes and Garden New Junior Cook Book (sixth addition, 1984). The young Shantai Fellows set foot in the kitchen as an assistant to “the ultimate cook,” also known as her Auntie Ruth, who taught her direction and creation in the kitchen. By the age of 12, Shantai utilized her culinary craftsmanship to prepare complete dinners for her family of 5 after her parents long days at work.
According to Chef Shantai, “fresh ingredients with lots of flavor and love” are the quintessential elements behind her appetizing craft. Chef Shantai’s passion lies in approaching the most simplistic foods and applying her own culinary magic to them, which allows her audience to conjure up memories of a favorite dish prepared by a loved one or a favorite restaurant. Chef Shantai specializes in an array of cuisine, including classic American, Asian fusion, Mexican, and Caribbean.
From film sets to red carpet parties to celebrity homes, Chef Shantai (who began SNM Catering in 2012) has become the culinary stylist and artist of choice for a wide clientele. A native of Los Angeles, California, Chef Shantai is one of the city’s most highly-regarded food stylists, gourmet culinary artists, and celebrity chefs. She brings her love and warm heart in to the preparation and creation of meals, which to Chef Shantai, fulfill the nourishment of one’s body.